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Natural Reserve of Vendicari

Vendicari is the land which from the ruins of ancient town of Eloro, hungs the coast for about 12 Km. long until the citadel of Maccari (at Saint Lawrence); it is one of the few stretches of coast that man's hand has no violated. It is a continuous succession of promontories and sandy beaches on a rare sea (famous beaches of Eloro and Calamosche). The oasis was created in 1984 and covers an area of approximately 1400 hectaries of mediterranean flora, divided into pre-reserves and reserves, where there are large puddies of salty water, natural habitat for many species of birds (over 250). Migratory birds that make their way from Africa to Europe, find here the right environment to stop before resuming the long journei. The area is equipped with hust for bird-watching. The reserve protects archaeological and architectural sites. In the north, the town of Eloro, built by Corinthians in 7(th) century B.C. and razed by Arabs, in south of the Citadel of Maccari, built by Phoenicians for trade and whose remains almost intact the small Church of the Byzantine Era; 5 catacombs hidden by rocks inherent in the area. In the oasis you can admire the Aragonese tower (buit by Blasco from Aragona), the 700(th) century tonnara (tuna-fishery), now absolete, old stone basin used in the work of tuna. All witness an active and experienced past. Yuo can reach the reserve from the main road leading from Noto to Pachino, an appropriate signal indicating the entry is al the 10(th) Km. See tourist map

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