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Natural Reserve Quarry of Ispica

It is a long and deep gorge of limestone that goes across Iblei Mountains about 13 Km. long until Ispica. It is not specially deep, it is situated among territories of Ispica, Rosolini and Modica. It is a wild and charming environment, very interesting bacause of presence of several troglodyte villages, processed and rearranged over centuries according to use and needs of population. Along the way, cementaries and catacombs adorn rock and sometimes perpendicular walls.

A print exhibition of 800 visitors to admire intent Querry of Ispica

Two different areas are identified: one called "Baravitalla", a mountain quarry, the other called "Parco Forza", relatively more recent, situated near Ispica. In district Baravitalla, you can admire: The Necropolis of the Village, the All Saints' Cave, the Catacombs of Landerie, Giardina Caves, and there are suggestive landscapes. At Parco Forza, you can admire caves inhabited until 1693, the year of earthquakes that shooks Val di Noto, destroying several towns (including Ispica Fundus rebuilt with the placename of Spaccaforno, where today rises the modern Ispica). Here, Centoscale, Marchionale Palace and Saint Annunziata's Church are very historical attractions.

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