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Natural Reserve of Cavagrande

It is a Grand Canyon that splits Iblei Mountains, from the coast to hinterland, for about 10 Km long. The fresh water of Cassibile river has eroded the limestone faces making a natural show, unique in Sicily, and an enchanting and wild environment. Cavagrande of Cassibile is protected since 1990, declared Natural Oriental Reserve belonging to the municipality of Avola, Noto and Syracuse. From the few meters in depth in Petracca district, the cave makes deeper near Serra Porcari (about 500 mt) and, in all trail, it preserves a changeable depth between 300 and 500 mt. The width of cave, in particular sites is about 1-1,2 Km. The presence of paths allows to reach the bottom of valley, where the clear waters of the river originate enchantig falls and small lakes, which give tourists a peaceful feeling to find themselves far away in time, among roaring water and hovering birds. Necropolis, made up by more than 2000 graves dating back to X-XI century B.C., arranged in both spoles of cave and prehistorical agglomerates are integral parts in landscape. Robber's cave consists in rocky houses derived inside a big natural cave situated in north slope of the gorge and visible from Avola coast. "I tri pirati" is a village extending about 100 mt., whose houses are obtained inside a rock wall in south slope, perfectly vertical. The Natural Reserve of Cava Grande is wonderful excursion destination, happiness both eyes and mind. Take the highway A18 from Catania and Syracuse or from the the direction of Noto and Gela. Leave it at the exit Avola and get on the SS 115 into the town of Avola until you reach the intersection of the SS 115 with the SP 4 in the direction of Avola Antica.

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