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Founded in 734 a. C. by a group of Corinthians, arrived from Greece on the island of Ortigia, so dear to the goddess Artemis, the city of Syracuse in a short time on land is also developed into one of the greatest cities of antiquity. The expansionist policy aretusea extends its influence in Sicily and much of the Mediterranean inflicting severe losses to the people that threaten the territory: the Carthaginians in 480 a. BC, the Etruscans in 474, the Athenians in 413. The victory over the Athenians, is remembered for its brutal consequences: the army commanded by Nicias, stronger than about 200 ships and 40,000 men, suffered a terrible defeat and 7,000 survivors are imprisoned in Latomie (quarries from which stone was extracted for construction) and subjected to terrible suffering. In 212 a. C, despite the wonderful works of defense cleverly devised by Archimedes , after a long siege, Syracuse was conquered by the Romans, and Archimedes himself is killed, pierced by the spear of a soldier.

Under the government of Rome, the city is experiencing a period of decline, especially when the fall of the Roman Empire promotes the invasion of the Goths, Vandals and the Byzantines. Have long addressed their attention to the West, the Arabs are fertile ground for conquering all of Sicily and 878, even Syracuse falls into the hands of the Saracens that forever deprived of the title of capital of the island. Conquered by the Normans in 1089, became state town and Frederick II of Swabia is of special political and military functions. Skip to Anjou, which is released in 1282 as a result of the "revolt of the Vespers," but is subject by the Aragonese. During the Spanish rule Syracuse has the privilege of "Reginale Room", is among those cities and castles that make up the dowry of the Queen of Sicily. Art and trade flourished again in 1538, during the reign of Charles V, became a major military center, equipped with an impressive fortress walls. From the beginning of the unification of Italy 700, Syracuse through the worst period of its history, the first Austrian and Bourbon, from famine and plague the town is reduced to only one island of Ortigia . Will resume its former splendor and deserved to start in 1865 when again becomes Capital of the Province. Today is the destination of many tourists who spend their holidays all year.

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