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Destroyed by an earthquake in 1693, Scicli is reconstructed according to the architectural trends of the century and today, thanks to the many buildings in Baroque style, the town is Unesco. Topped the hill on which stands the old Church of St. Matthew, Italy Square is the center of the city, surrounded by buildings on it and the 700 Church St. Ignatius, where the relic of Our Lady of the Militia, papier-mâché. The way St. Bartholomew leads to the church characterized by an unusual location, the religious building, in fact, is framed by rocks of the hills surrounding the valley floor.

The most representative building of the city of Scicli is Beneventano Palace , situated on a side street of Via Nazionale. A wonderful example of Sicilian Baroque expressed by corbels that support the balconies on the first floor grates bulging, the figures carved on the lower floor windows and those that decorate the corner of the building. Walking along Via Nazionale and Via Mormino Penna you can admire the elegant architecture, civil and religious buildings: City Hall, Palazzo Busacca, the Carmelite church, the Palazzo Spadaro, the Church of St. Michael, the Church of Santa Teresa.

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