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Capital of the Province, its foundations dating back to 2000 BC C., at the hands of the Sicilians. The history of Ragusa , during the centuries following the same fate of the Sicilian cities, is under the occupation of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish. One aspect of particular interest, and that determines the current situation city, is about disputes between the old and the new nobility, formed the latter, following the introduction of "enfiteusi", by to which the bourgeoisie and land owners buy the titles of the powerful families decayed. After the catastrophic earthquake of 1693 , yet another dispute between noble, religious, determines the reconstruction of two cities: Ragusa Ibla, commissioned by the faithful of St. George and rebuilt on the same site of the destroyed city, and Ragusa Nuova, built in a new site, district Patro, the faithful of St. John. The "struggle" between the two cities follow one another until 1918 when it celebrated the end of World War I in procession carrying statues of saints either. Religious and civil buildings mainly Baroque city, Ragusa is a World Heritage Site and boasts numerous magnificent examples of the style that characterizes the eastern Sicilian city rebuilt after the earthquake. The St. John's Cathedral, the Church College Maria Addolorata, the Church of the Capuchins, the Canonica House, the Church of Santa Maria delle Scale, Lupis Palace, City Hall, Palazzo Zacco, Bertini Palace, Archaeological Museum and the Ibleo, along with numerous squares, are the places to visit in Ragusa (New).

Ragusa Ibla, which preserves the features of the ancient city, with its narrow streets, old staircases, the gates and the old portals, offers the intense emotion of reliving a distant time.
The buildings to be visited during the holidays: Chancellery Palace, Church of Santa Maria dell ' Idria, Cosentini Palace, Church of Purgatory, Sortino Palace-Throne, the Church of San Giorgio, Palazzo Arezzo, Palazzo La Rocca, Donnafugata Palace, St Joseph's Church, Church of Our Lady of Jesus, the Lord's Church Found, Church of St. Thomas , Capuchin Church, Church of St. James, St. Dominic, St. Anthony Church, Palace Of Four, St. Francis Church of the Immaculate, the Battle Palace.

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