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Founded by the Phoenicians in the fourth century BC, the story of Portopalo is an integral part of the town of Pachino, whose port was known as "port of the Phoenicians." The little village was to guard the seas of the Mediterranean to defend against pirate raids, and for this purpose, in the fourteenth century, Charles V erected a castle on the island of Capo Passero. Destroyed in the early '500 following a scathing attack of the Turks led by the notorious pirate Dracut, the castle was reconstructed and used as a military fortress until the nineteenth century. The whole environment is now a nature reserve for the protection of the dwarf palm, typical sole of the territories, and for the protection of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle, which lay their eggs on these beaches.

Portopalo is located at the far tip of Sicily, one of the three legendary pillars hold that once it was believed the island (hence the term "Trinacria"). The town overlooks two seas and curious detail, the main street (Vittorio Emanuele) through the city starting from the Ionian Sea to reach the Channel of Sicily. Beautiful sandy beaches adorn the coastline and the natural landscape is further embellished the Island of the Currents, the natural divide between the two seas, and from which you can see both sunrise and sunset. San Gaetano, the patron saint, is celebrated on 7 August, during this month, is the festival of the fish and wine.

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