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In the town of Palazzolo Acreide, founded by the Greeks in 664 a. C., you can visit some beautiful churches and magnificent palaces in the Baroque style:
- The Mother Church, dedicated to St. Nicholas;
- The Church of St. Paul where, on June 29 of each year, out of the statue of the patron saint for a party characterized by very suggestive and old traditions;
- The Church of the Annunciation, for which he was commissioned for the painting of the Annunciation by Antonello da Messina, now on view at the Museum of Palazzo Bellomo of Syracuse;
- The Church of San Sebastian, which is accessed by a grand staircase built in 800;
- The Church of the Immaculate Conception, which holds a Madonna is depicted at the base coat of arms Alagona (lords of the city in 1400).

Among the buildings, doorways and balconies enriched by the great architectural interest, are to visit:
- Palazzo Zacco;
- Palace Judica-Cafici;
- Palazzo Ferla;
- The Town Hall;
- Judica House (Art Nouveau).
Much interest has also generated the Museum House of Antonio Uccello, showing equipment and objects of the witnesses of the past life of the peasants.

Another site to visit for those who are on holiday in Palazzolo Acreide, is the archaeological site, located in the upper part of the city. The Greek Theatre dates back to the III century a. C. and is well preserved, right behind the theater you can see the quarries (Intagliata and dell'Intagliatella) was extracted from the quarries where the stone for the construction of ancient Akrai. Admire the rude sculptures called "Santoni", also dating from the third century. a. C., Santicelli located in the district.

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