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Holidays in Modica

City Baroque, it is divided into two urban centers, Modica Alta and Bassa both of considerable artistic and architectural. At the lower part of the city are to visit the following civil and religious buildings:
- Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie;
- Palace of Mercedarians (home of the museum and public library;
- Church of the Carmine;
- Town Hall;
- Church of San Domenico;
- Church of St. Mary of Bethlehem;
- Palace Ascenzo;
- St. Peter's Church (Cathedral of Modica);
- Lower Church of St. Nicholas.
To visit, of course, the birthplace of Salvatore Quasimodo, the Nobel Prize for literature, where you can view photos, documents and objects belonging to the writer. For tourists who spend their holidays in Modica, we recommend a walk along the Corso Umberto, where there are many of the most beautiful palaces.

Fascinating buildings also present in Modica Alta:
- Palazzo Zacco-Pirrera;
- Church of St. George (rich in silver and precious paintings);
- Palazzo Polara;
- Palace Napolino;
- Church of St. John.

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