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The village of Marzamemi owes its origin to the impulse that the Arabs gave to fish when they had occupied Sicily during the ninth century. In particular, these people introduced new techniques for fishing for tuna traps that give rise. With the Arabic word " Raisi "was given the head of the tuna fishermen and today, after 1200 years, the elders of the island used to call" head raisi "the person who has a tendency to command. The country is a nice town fishing developed around the old tuna into disuse and the house of the Princes of Villadorata overlooking a very romantic place ( Piazza Regina Margherita ) chosen as a backdrop by directors Giuseppe Tornatore and Gabriele Salvatores to shoot the scenes of many films. In the house red existing on an island right in front of the small village, is well-known writer resided Vitaliano Brancati , a native of nearby Pachino. Gracious is the procession of boats which takes place in the summer to celebrate St. Francis . We recommend to participate in the feast of seafood and wine.

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