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Famous worldwide for the production of fine almond "pizzuta" and the tasty wine "Nero d'Avola", the city is located 20 km south of Syracuse. The layout of the old town of Avola, hexagonal, is the work of Angelo Italia by Licata that, on behalf of the Prince Pignatelli, reconstructs the entire city two years after the terrible earthquake of 1693 destroyed the old town located on Mount Kite. An engraving of 1757 shows the two main streets, oriented towards the four cardinal points, which cross the central square and, on the top there are four squares, the churches are highlighted and the most important buildings civilians. For those who spend their holidays in the area, the visit of the old town of Avola is a tourist route of considerable architectural interest, as well as artistic. We recommend: the Chiesa Madre, the Churches of St. Anthony of Padua, St. Anthony, St. John, St. Venera, SS. Annunziata and Santa Maria del Gesu. Other buildings: the Town Hall, Teatro Garibaldi, Palazzo Modica, the Clock Tower and the Old Market.
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Festivals, folk festivals and towns

- Santa Venera , the patron saint of Avola, is celebrated the last Sunday of July with the procession of the image of the Saint through the streets of the city.
- Feast of St. Sebastian is celebrated on the second Sunday of May with a procession of "Nuri" (naked). The faithful barefoot walking along the road from newsstand shrine dedicated to St. Sebastian (SS 115) to invoke the Holy Mother Church aloud.
- Easter is celebrated on Friday with the "Holy Thorn" (procession through the streets of the historic center of the statues that represent the last days of Jesus' life) and Sunday "a Paci", Madonna embraced the Risen Jesus.
- St. Joseph , March 19, is a tradition that in every district of the city is burned a huge pile of wood prepared by the young.
During the carnival (three days) parade, participating in competitions, and flowered floats prepared by master craftsmen of the city, and several masked groups organized by schools or associations.
From June to September, the city offers a variety of initiatives including cultural and folklore city festivals, some of which is prepared to "Avola Antica" (the town destroyed by the earthquake of 1693), the festival of almonds and almond cakes, the festival of Nero d'Avola, the tuna, wild boar, the sausage, pizza etc.

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